The job of any learning focused leader needs to align three key areas:

  • Team
  • Leadership Thinking
  • Work Focus

Any lack of alignment between these three critical domains will result in frustrated teams, stagnant work performance and inconsistent decision making.

Ever tried to shave or apply make-up without a mirror? It’s impossible – because any decent reflection needs something to reflect upon.

This is why Adam has produced his Real Learners and Real Schools Executive Coaching Frameworks so that any leader can:

  • identify their entry point against critical performance levels.
  • map progress and improvement (there’s nothing worse than not knowing if this type of coaching relationship is working or not!)
  • engage in conversations geared towards actual changes and improvements over aspirational motherhood statements.
  • transform effectively and efficiently through focusing on what really matters.

School Leaders

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“Moving up the “leadership ladder” into a key role, I realised that I needed to improve my own skills if I wanted to do more than just “manage” people, rather to lead a successful and meaningful team who combined their gifts and talents to achieve a united goal.

I strongly desired to create and shape a culture that valued innovation, creativity, team building and positivity.

The coaching program encouraged me to do that. It challenged my ideas, exposed me to a new ways of thinking, allowed me to experiment with new elements and expanded my perceptions of what it meant to be an effective leader.

As a result, I’ve been able to formulate a working model of leadership, connect better with people and establish strategic and explicit goals. The coaching program has empowered me to invest and influence these skills in myself, my team and the wider school community.

I encourage you to go on the journey. You will emerge changed, motivated and inspired in order to lead change, motivate and inspire those around you.”

Sally Cahill