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Adam speaks widely, both locally and internationally, to School and Education System Leaders about the critical importance of School Culture, Behaviour Improvement, Classroom Practice, Student Engagement, Cultural Leadership, Bullying Prevention and Restorative Practices. His presentations are high-impact, engaging, provocative and exude a clear bias for change.

Adam’s work as a successful School Principal in some of Australia’s toughest locations means he reeks credibility and the humour, stories and case studies behind his evidence mean his keynote speeches ring true with his audiences everywhere.

Adam has delivered a TEDx Talk titled “The Importance of How” and has also appeared on the Sunrise, The Project and other programs, spreading his challenge and optimism about great Australian Schools.

Click here to watch Adam’s Professional Speaking Showreel where he explains just why he adores speaking to and inspiring an audience of educators.

Click here to watch Adam’s Professional Learning Workshops where he works with Principals and School Leaders on Implementing Restorative Practices.

Click here to watch Adam’s TEDx Darwin talk on how getting school education right will provide the world with the creative and collaborative citizens required to solve our planet’s biggest problems.

Some of the topics Adam speaks on


Adam’s powerful keynote “No More Anti-Bullying Programs” is a confronting look at how we’ve gotten our approach to bullying wrong and exactly what each school can do to turn the scourge of bullying around.

Perfect for inspiring your next Principal or School Leadership conference “Leading School Culture” is a rollicking journey from confusion about School Leadership to clarity, purpose and vision.

“Leading Whole School Behaviour Improvement” is a levelling up of current efforts, matrices, hypotehtcials and programs tethered to the outdated notion of ’Behaviour Management’ and an awakening of what happens when conduct, language and mindset are instead the focus.

Restorative Practices works. It’s a philosophy that sits neatly with almost every educator’s purpose for working with young people. But it hasn’t always been implemented well in schools. “RP2.0” is a keynote about addressing that. It’s time for your school to have a truly restorative future.

“The Grown-Ups in the Room” is a practical, hilarious and actionable look at staff cohesion. It’s about communication, cohesion and a staff of educators in your school who are mobilised fully behind your vision. Sounds ok … am I right?

“Restorative Classrooms, Strong Classrooms” is about unleashing the teacher within. When teachers learn to shed the teacher they through they had to be in preference for the teacher they knew they could be (through ridiculously easy and practical shifts) everyone wins. This keynote is high impact and high engagement.


Adam’s presence at the conference was greatly appreciated and extremely well received. His keynote was engaging and sparked much conversation during and post. Adam’s history with leading schools made both his keynote and workshops genuine and highly relatable. I know many colleagues were keen to take their learnings back to school. Several of my staff who attended have already been looking at his work and started the conversation around working with Real Schools in the future.
Andrew Thompson, QASEL
Adam was such a fantastic speaker – Entertaining, authentic and inspiring. 100% of the audience rated his keynote either Good (10%) or Excellent (90%)! Some of the delegte comments included: 
– Dynamic, entertaining and with practical applications to use with staff
– Excellent speaker- very engaging and relatable
– His energy was amazing, so engaging.
– Engaging and Thought Provoking
Ellie Dickinson, BCC Management
Adam is undoubtedly one of Australia’s leading thinkers on educational change and school improvement. A proven school leader and gifted presenter, Adam’s sessions are invariably engaging, inspiring and solution-oriented. Drawing on authentic stories and a robust evidence base, Adam ensures every leader is both personally rejuvenated and equipped with practical stractegies to move learning forward in their context. Adam is lifting the bar in educational professional learning.
Simon Breakspear