REAL QUESTIONS FOR REAL SCHOOL LEADERS is the latest book by Education Expert, former Principal and now Real Schools CEO Adam Voigt.

Put simply, it’s a book designed for busy School Leaders and Executive Teams who would like to discuss more than operationals, administration and problems when they meet.

Working more like a journal than a book that you read, Adam has carefully designed 100 questions designed to refocus your attention on your School Culture – in a fun, productive and highly reflective way.

You even get to write in this book! There is plenty of room for your thoughts, perspectives and hopes for the future – with perhaps enough room also to record the things that need to be done about that.

In the end, what this book does is promote for leaders a sense of School Self-Awareness. When you REALLY know your school, you’ll REALLY know what to do about it.

Hear from the author, Adam Voigt, about why he wrote “Real Questions for Real School Leaders”