More than ever, we need inspired and inspiring teachers and school leaders. Yet their status and morale have never been lower.

Restoring the pride, focus and community perception of our educators is now a national imperative that involves cultivating a positive account of teaching expertise in every Australian school.

The future of a respected teaching workforce lies in a brave, new frontier of work. It starts with applying the principles of Restorative Practices to the contemporary school context – creatively and practically.

It’s about doing teaching as we’ve never done it before.

Restorative teaching that restores our teachers is a noble, worthy and overdue cause. The time is now, and the place is your school.

In this book, you will find the case for change and some inconvenient truths about our avoidance of meaningful transformation within our schools. You’ll also find a roadmap to a teaching future that narrows the gap between your purpose and your practice.

Adam Voigt has been teaching and leading schools in some of Australia’s most challenging locations for more than twenty-five years.

He has a history of transforming student lives and teacher practice by fostering school cultures that are strong, relational and hallmarked by stakeholder trust.

Adam is a fearless advocate for educators, an expert on Restorative Practices implementation, and highly respected as a school and education commentator in the Australian media.

But more than any of this, Adam believes unconditionally in unleashing the potential of every student, parent, teacher and school leader to create a better future through education.

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